Vics Boxing Gym Hamptron

A great family feeling, welcoming people who train hard. If you are into Boxing, hardcore circuits and sweat look no further. More »

Wildwoods Peterborough

Undoubtedly for us at RatedService the best cocktails in Peterborough. Cocktail menu changes seasonally so you will never get bored. Great staff and a lovely place to people watch. More »

The Brampton Mill Huntingdon

Not just a beautiful setting for a drink in summer or a trip up river but these people cook up a mouth watering Sunday lunch. More »

East Restaurant Peterborough

Does what is says on the tin. EAST Restaurant menus create a fusion of Oriental styles of cuisine all prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients. A great place to get together with friends. More »

Peterborough by night

The Peterborough cathedral looks stunning by night. More »


Crystal Meth


In 2007, Peterborough  Today reported that crystal meth was being produced in Peterborough.  Now in 2015 it may not be produced locally but sources say that the harmful drug is back on our streets.

in 2007 – The warning from city detectives comes after Philip Ackroyd (47), of Towler Street, Peterborough, pleaded guilty to producing methamphetamine – the first case of its kind in the county.

This is an extremely dangerous and harmful drug.  Parents if you notice any of the following side effects talk to your child immediately.  If you require help speak with your local police officer who will direct you to the relevant unit.

  • Heart palpitation
  • Nose bleeds
  • Excessive hyper/talking
  • Scabs under the nose

No alternative is given to children recovering from the drug.  Instead they will have to sit out cold turkey and go through the horrid side effects as the drug wears off from through the natural system of the body.

The dealers will attempt to give the drug away free for a short while to the victim until they are hooked.  They will then ask for £25 a hit and collect up a debt which the victim will be asked to pay.

Weight Loss Training


Weight Loss Training

How do I train to lose weight

This is a frequently asked question by beginners.  You do not need a personal trainer to assist you in losing weight if you are self motivated.  A PT is helpful later in your gym lifespan.

Follow these simple steps.

  • Diet Plan
  • Interval Train do not just run – leave that to Forest Gump
  • Perform light weights with multiple sets – I do not mean train with bonio dog biscuits.
  • Take minimal rest between sets, 10-30 seconds max.  Time it

Diet Simple Facts:

Do Not starve yourself as your body needs fuel.  If you starve your body will go into hibernation mode.  We are looking to increase your metabolism speed.  Eat Fresh! Simple. Eat Raw Simple.

Snack Ideas:

  • Hummus with long stem broccoli
  • Tahini with brown sugar if you have a sweet tooth
  • Swap cows milk for almond milk (Guys overdosing on soya is not a good idea due to estrogen levels)
  • The George Forman is your friend, Grilled turkey, chicken
  • You don’t have to cut out bread, buy gluten free rye or spelt bread
  • Boiled, poached or scrambled eggs (up to 3 per day)
  • Make salads with lots of beans.  I don’t mean baked beans from heinz!
  • Don’t cut out chocolate completely as you will crave it. Instead buy high cocoa content chocolate, dark chocolate only allowed.

Interval Train:

Running is not good for your knees, especially in later life.  Therefore stick to the cross trainer for the interval.  Go forward for 5 minutes intensifying the speed and slowing back down on each minute. Then change to backwards for 5 minutes intensifying the speed and slowing back down on the minute.  This will shock your body into weight loss.

Light Weights:

Whenever working out with weights always perform a cardio based set between each set of weights

Shoulder Example:

  • Standing shoulder raise (weights, barbell), No rest – straight into mountain climbers
  • Behind the neck press (weights, barbell), No rest – straight into step ups with dumbells
  • Shoulder shrugs (weights, barbell), No rest – straight into a half mile bike ride


Bills restaurant Peterborough


A great impromptu interview with Bills Restaurant in Peterborough. We change our menus constantly and have fresh ingredients delivered 7 days a week. Welcome to Peterborough Bills, I am looking forward to my first visit.

bills restaurants

Amaretto Cocktails

cherry brandy amaretto

I am a big fan of Amaretto Cocktails. The Amaretto Kipling cocktail is a tasty sweet stylish cocktail which is simple to make. This cocktail will make your lady think you are Tom Cruise from Cocktail. The Mix of Amaretto infuses into the Cranberry juice to give a Mr Kipling tart like taste whilst the lemon wedge adds a hint of sharpness.


– Cranberry Juice
– Amaretto
– Cherry Brandy
– Ice
– Lemon Wedge to dress

Fraudsters Pose as Police

Residents in Peterborough are being warned over a scam which sees fraudsters pose as police officers. If you are approached by police ask them for their ID and proof, you are within your rights. Any true police officer will be happy to oblige a genuine citizen.

Olive Grove Nurseries

Olive Grove

Having recently purchased a new property I was looking for some unique decor ideas, specifically a large t-light lantern and a heavy brass or silver mirror to go above a bed in the main bedroom. I like to mix modern with antique to negate the clinical empty feeling which many houses have. The Olive Grove Nurseries had exactly what I was looking for.

A friend referred me to the Olive grove nurseries in Polebrook therefore I will do the same justice for all my readers who enjoy quality hand crafted furnishings which you would not find in the high street.

Don’t be put off by their website as what they fail to mention online is they have an Aladdins cave outdoors full of amazing treasures. Here you will find the most fascinating and beautifully crafted unique pieces for your home. Antique clocks, Throws, Steel Lanterns, Natural wood crafted coffee tables and paintings. It was a pleasure to walk around without being pounced on and have the time to take in the many fine pieces whilst visualizing them in the property.

If you visit them be sure to mention our website.

Contact Olive Grove Nurseries
Olive Grove Nurseries
Oundle Road

Telephone: 01832 275660 Fax: 01832 275667

Gluten Free at Lidl

gluten free at Lidl

I shop in Lidl every week, yes we have all heard the standard topics of there is not as much variety as there is in the major food chains but I find that a positive.

As you may be aware by now from reading my Blog, I am gluten free 90% of the time. Therefore my choice is limited from the off; but even if I was not Gluten free I would still find ample to keep my taste buds and inventive brain creating exciting meals. Having less choice on the shelves means you do not get brain washed by the large chains who make their large brand providers pay extra to take up shelf space in the line of sight. You end up purchasing what you need rather then what you see.

Ok, Enough about the way of the world…

I walked into Lidl and did my standard rounds, to my surprise I found a Gluten Free section offering Gluten Free Pasta, Spaghetti, Lasagne and Bolognese sauce.

Keep up the good work Lidl, I have not eaten Spaghetti Bolognese for quite some time and it tasted amazing.

Amaretto Sour

amaretto sour

The Amaretto sour is simple to make and tastes amazing.


1. Go to Aldi and buy a bottle of Amaretto for just £5.00
2. Buy a bottle of Angostura bitters from your local supermarket for £10.00
3. A carton of pineapple juice

    Method 1 – With Pineapple Juice

1. Grab a small tumbler glass and add a double helping of Amaaretto
2. Squeeze a quarter of a lemon into the glass and drop the lemon in after
3. Add 8-10 drops of Angostura bitters
4. Add Pineapple juice til the glass is half full
5. Top with crushed ice

    Method 2 – No Pineapple Juice

1. Grab a small tumbler glass and add a double helping of Amaaretto
2. Squeeze 4 quarters of a lemon into the glass and drop the lemon in after
3. Add 8-10 drops of Angostura bitters
4. Add a little sugar syrup to sweeten things up
5. Top with crushed ice

Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free Bread

Are there any other Wheat sufferes out there that like me are not affected by
Spelt Bread. I make myself a gluten free bread sandwich most lunch times from the Sainsbury Gluten Free Spelt bread and have no affects. Sainsbury do a tasty gluten free loaf which lasts 5 days, straight from the fresh bakery at my local store in Bretton, Peterborough.

Small Business Invoicing


If you are a consultant, tradesman or small business you should consider taking your invoicing into the cloud with Kashflow

Scalable small business access form anywhere invoiving.
Kashflow Features:
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Customer details saved
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Backups of invoices
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Kashflow Trial:
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